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National-level test for medical courses. Thorough preparation leads to success in esteemed medical colleges

JEE (Main & Advanced)

Prestigious exams for engineering. Opens doors to renowned colleges, shaping bright careers in the field


The stepping stone to academic excellence, providing a strong foundation for students' future success in competitive exams

Dear Students and Parents, Welcome to KELAM! We are committed to your success

Why Kelam?

Choose Kelam for its experienced faculty, personalized attention, competitive environment, comprehensive test series, and nurturing atmosphere that fosters academic success


Timetable for Classes

The syllabus is efficiently covered within the allocated time, eliminating the need for additional classes and undue academic pressure

Comfortable and Welcoming Environment

Continuous parental support ensures a stress-free environment for students, addressing their needs round the clock, which is essential in today's times.


Assessment Series

With an extensive collection of over 100 tests and thousands of meticulously crafted questions, our focus remains on delivering error-free papers for comprehensive assessment.

Source of

Innovative Concepts

First in Gangapur City for pre-medical and pre-engineering, we lead with new ideas and innovation.



Kelam's excellence is demonstrated annually through its impressive success ratio, numerous selections, and top rankings.


Support for Students

We provide dedicated and attentive support, catering to the intensive needs of our students.


Dr. S.B. Kelam - Director

the visionary leader and Director of Kelam Career Institute, steers the institution towards unparalleled success. With a wealth of expertise, unwavering dedication, and a profound passion for empowering students, he ensures their educational journeys are transformative, impactful, and filled with limitless opportunities for growth.

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Premier Educational Institution in Gangapur City

Nurturing Potential through Education with superior coaching, experienced faculty, advanced teaching methods, and remarkable results

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Get to Know Us

Every moment is a new beginning, filled with endless possibilities. Since 2017, KELAM has strived for excellence, shaping young minds with a winning spirit. Innovating and nurturing, we aim to provide top-quality education and achieve remarkable results.

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